Scholarship Compilation Video Up and Running

3 02 2011

Be sure to check my Portfolio to view the latest video in the extremely popular Rethink Communications Scholarship Series. A compilation of all the entries who submitted their interesting creations in a little black book to rethink, the stop motion is back as well as music by me! Check it out!


New Rethink Video… (Sort of….)

23 12 2010

I’m pleased to announce that the extremely successful 2010 Langara Rethink Scholarship is getting a new video (kind of). With around 800,000 total hits the folks at rethink have put together a little compilation video of all the students entries. It’s along the same lines of stop motion video, and I’m pleased to refresh the extremely successful music to it! More info and links coming as soon as it’s done!

My Musical Chops

28 10 2010

I’m certainly coming along in studies in music theory and and piano studies. From someone who couldn’t read music a year ago I’d like to think that my progress has been great thus far. My technical skills now have a solid foundation thanks to studying Bach, and my musicianship skills and theory have risen greatly from learning how to read music, to studying scales and triads, to learning extended harmonies and altered harmonies as well. Along with my technical skills involving recording, I’m extremely happy of where I’m at right now, and feel extremely confident of my abilities in making professional audio product. I’m going to periodically record myself playing and document it here on my website. Here’s number one: my crack at Impressionist music, page one of Erik Satie’s Gymnopedie No. 1.

Sound familiar to you?

24 10 2010

The Wilhelm scream is a sound effect placed in dozens of movies and even video games. Chances are you’ve heard it before. It’s a running audio joke that’s been around since sound designer Benjamin Burtt Jr. re-discovered it in the seventies and incorporated it into the Star Wars films as well as The Indiana Jones films. See if you can catch it next time you watch…

Follow me if you know what to do!

7 08 2010

Scholarship Video Wins Big at Marketing Awards!

17 06 2010

At this years 2010 Marketing Awards Gala in Toronto, Rethink did well taking 8 awards home. But most important of all was, to me anyway, that three of those awards happened to be for the 2010 Rethink Scholarship Video which I made the music for! The Marketing awards gala was a ritzy event, costing $200 a seat held on Wednesday June 9th, at 55 Bloor Street West in downtown Toronto. The scholarship video won three awards: a silver in the Non-Traditional Single category, the Craft Award, and the Writing Award. The number of views this video has gotten is surely to be in the high hundred-thousands as of now. Thanks again to Chelsea Stoelting, Ann Rubenstein and the team at Rethink who helped make this video such a big hit! For more links click below:

MarketingMag’s Marketing Awards

Rethink Tops the Marketing Awards

Lack of Blogging

23 04 2010

So there’s been some lack of posts on my site recently, I’ve been caught up in gear hunting and recording sessions. As well as improving my musical theory and piano skills. After all, I’ve always believed that the musical foundations have to be solid. After that, the recording process makes your work sparkle that much more!

Check my twitter account out for my most up to date micro-blogging activities! Be back soon with more work for my portfolio!