I’m an independent music producer from Vancouver BC. I’ve studied in the Langara Music Production program under the likes of music professionals Erik Ubels, David Bernstein, Kevin Kowal and Jarome Matthew under a multitude of different genres, learning compositional techniques, orchestration and audio engineering. My transcript can be seen here.

With music production making its shift to computer based recording software, I have become proficient in being a one stop shop music producer. While my main focus is composing, I have extensive training in recording, mixing and mastering. This means you can have a completed professional piece of music for any application ready for use once it leaves my hands.

I’ve enjoyed some success with the Rethink Communications scholarship commercial, which I wrote and produced the music for. I owe some of the exposure to Mr. Ashton Kutcher, who posted the video on his blog and went viral immediately with over 800,000 hits. The video has also won many awards as well as a Lotus Award, an advertising awards show that celebrates creative excellence in British Columbia.


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