We win gold!

9 05 2011

Ads of the world has given us the Gold for the month of April!! Check it out: http://bit.ly/kDiZiq


Name that riff:

29 04 2011

I’m playing a very well known riff.. Can you guess what song it’s from?

Here we go! The video is live!

27 04 2011

The video is live! Thanks to everybody at Rethink Communications! Let’s top the success of last years video! Special thanks to Annelies McConnachie-Howarth, who I dealt with the most, as well as Rory O’Sullivan. Great teamwork has made another great video. Visit my portfolio or the actual scholarship page itself.


18 04 2011

The 2011 scholarship video is complete! Cool new music and visuals this year. Links coming soon! Here’s a pic of me mastering it below:

Rounding into form

11 04 2011

The music for  the 2011 Rethink Scholarship commercial is getting close to complete! A different twist is coming to this year’s video and music. Stay tuned..

New 2011 Rethink Scholarship Video coming!

5 04 2011

I’ve been commissioned again to write and produce the music for the Rethink Communications Scholarship Commercial! More info coming soon! As well as pictures and videos. Let’s hope we can follow up with another success!

The Timeline of the Hamburger!

6 02 2011

My friends at Vancouver based clothing company Hamburger Disco present the timeline of the hamburger! I put some brazilian bossa nova music to the video. Be sure to check it out in my Portfolio! Check out HamburgerDisco.com as well!